“No, I’m not”, four words that started a revolution

“No, I’m not”; when asked by the bus driver to free up their seats to leave space for a white passenger,  all passengers complied. All passengers but one, a tiny woman who decided it was time to stand up for her rights…

The arrest that followed her act of rebellion provoked a massive boycott of the buses which turned into a civil right movement. Despite losing her job, she continued to fight for the rights of women and minorities all her life.

Her fight for civil rights earned Rosa Parks the name of the “First Lady of civil rights”, a place in the Time’s list of the most influential people of the 20th century and a Presidential Medal of Freedom. She is celebrated in 4 US states and have countless monuments at her name (among others the “Rosa Parks” train station in Paris). In 2005, 50 years after her “No”, the courage of the woman “who could not seat in the bus” had earned her the right to be the first woman to lie in honor in the US Capitol.