About us

A new approach to fashion

November was born with the desire to change fashion industry by making high-quality women fashion more affordable and more sustainable - without compromising on design. Too often, we saw Made-in-Europe knitwear come with a price tag above 250€ or more affordable designers manufacture in China or with more synthetic than natural fibers. Knowing manufacturing cost is typically less than 20% of the price of the clothes, we departed from traditional price setting methodology of the fashion industry and developed a “Fair Pricing” methodology (read more about it below). This allows us to offer our creations at half of their normal price and make our quality & sustainability standards affordable to all.

Our approach to sustainability

Between transport and home-delivery, it is impossible for a fashion designer to be 100% sustainable. However, we try to be as sustainable as possible by manufacturing only in Europe; by creating clothes that will last for years; and by using a maximum of natural, eco-friendly & recycled fibers. Synthetic fabrics are used in limited quantity and only when we do not have the choice for practical reasons (fine fibers (alpaca, mohair,...) are always mixed with some polyamide, because they are not strong nor flexible enough to be used alone).

Made in Europe only

Our clothes are manufactured in small family-owned manufactures in Europe (Italy mainly). We have selected these manufactures for their craftmanship and their experience working with the best fashion designers. Even if it comes with a higher price, manufacturing in Europe also allows us to guarantee that our clothes are made in an ethical way (no children labor, minimum salary, …).

Made with the finest Italian yarns 

Yarns are typically made in Italy or in China. Even if most designers opt for Chinese yarns for economical reasons, we only use high-quality yarns from Italy. We use Italian yarns as they typically have better softness and durability characteristics and are dyed with eco-friendly processes.

No compromise on design

At November, we think that sustainability does not have to come at the cost of design. We think that carefully crafted clothes will be worn longer. That’s why we make no compromise on design and want all our clothes to exhibit this extra detail that makes them unique. 

"Fair pricing" 

Fashion companies usually set their prices by multiplying the manufacturing cost by a factor 5 to 8.  To make our quality available to all, we avoid intermediaries by selling only online and keep only a  "fair" margin for ourselves. As an example, the manufacturing cost of our “Ella” sweater is ~115 euros; we sell it at 190 euros while its normal price would be above 500 euros. We use the same “fair pricing” methodology for all our creations to guarantee our prices are less than half of their normal prices.

For the rest...

We could continue talking about ourselves but we know our products will have to speak for themselves. Do not hesitate to have a look at our FAQs section or contact us at support@november-fashion.com